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About Gallup Strengths Coaching

Are you ready to find out your super powers?

Your strengths hold your greatest potential for success!


What are strengths?

Every person has a unique set of natural talents and abilities that are their greatest source of success and contribution. When we intentionally apply our talents and we invest in them through acquiring knowledge and skills, they become our strengths.

Why focusing on strengths?

When we focus on using our strengths, we become more confident, happy and energetic and we perform better in our job. In fact, we are six times as likely to be engaged in our jobs — we have higher levels of energy, we are more likely to achieve our goals.

How can you find out what your talents and strengths are?

Gallup has spent decades of research to design the perfect tool to help us navigate through our talents and strengths – the Clifton Strengths assessment. You can take the assessment online. After that you receive the CliftonStrengths 34 Report. It is a road map for personal development and success. It gives you a place to start, a common language, and a basic understanding of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that come naturally to you. The next step is to intentionally use and invest in your natural talents and strengths, ideally with the help of a Gallup-Certified strengths coach.

How can I help?


The individual

My goal as a strengths coach is to help my clients know and appreciate their strengths and start to apply them every day. It is an exciting journey — one that enhances personal engagement and quality of life.

With the help of masterfully crafted questions we will go through 3 main steps:

Name it – understand and identify your strengths

Claim it – gain awareness and appreciation for your strengths

Aim it – invest and apply your strengths to reach your goals


The manager

Gallup’s research shows that managers — through their strengths, their own engagement and how they work with their team every day — account for at least 70% of the variance in team engagement.

As a strengths coach, I help managers become more aware of how their strengths affect what they do and how they think and feel. When managers understand, appreciate and start to use their most dominant CliftonStrengths, it is easier to inspire and engage their team. In addition, by knowing and discussing each employee’s dominant CliftonStrengths themes, managers can find ways to put individual talents to work. As a strengths coach, I support managers in understanding and appreciating each team member’s talents and strengths and using this information to individualize their management approach.

The team

Strengths gives teams a common language to talk about how they can collaborate and perform effectively. Strengths-based coaching improves constructive communication, development and collaboration. 

As a strengths coach, I help teams to better understand, value and use each team member’s unique talents and strengths for greater team engagement, better team performance and improved business outcomes. Among others, I help team members answer the questions:

  • What are my talents and strengths?

  • What unique contribution do I make to the team?

  • How do we best work together using our strengths?

Having an enduring positive influence on teams requires a sense of direction, an understanding of the team’s needs and how I can help, which requires a sequence of conversations, activities and actions that I conduct with my clients.

source: Gallup, Inc. 

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